Fly-In Fly Fishing


fly-fishing-float-tubeImagine flipping out a fly, slowly stripping it back on one of our pristine spring fed lakes. Then out of the corner of your eye, in the crystal clear water, you notice a huge swirl followed by a wake leading directly to your fly. Suddenly there’s a splash….the fish is on and taking more and more line.

Its a struggle, the power these fish have is amazing. The fight is seems relentless ,but eventually the fish tires and you are able to slowly bring it to the boat. Your buddy scoops it up in the net. What a fish….what a day…what a trip!!

If you’ve never fly fished for Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike Lake Trout and Speckle Trout, you’re in for a treat! Come and fly with Sudbury Aviation, many of our lakes offer great opportunities for fly anglers. Fish in lakes are generally larger than those found in smaller rivers and streams.

Folks can fish from our 12 and 14 foot Naden aluminium boats, canoes, wade the shore of the lake on foot in waders or take a relaxing afternoon floating around in your kicker tube. Our lakes offer many bays and creeks for you to explore.

We offer great fishing for Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Speckled Trout.

The opportunity to fly fish for Smallmouth Bass should never be passed up. These fish put up a great fight and are a hoot to catch using floating flies. Folk generally use such flies as Mudler Minnows, Poppers, Woolly Buggers, Nymphs and Grasshoppers. Sizes can vary, we recommend #4 to #12.

Northern Pike are considered to be the easiest when it comes to selecting a fly. Hungry Pike have been known to eat just about anything. Colorful flies with lots of feathers and fur work best as it gets the their attention. Woolly Buggers, Rabbit Fur Zonkers, Streamers like Mickey Finns, Deer Hair Mouse imitations and colourful Steelhead flies. As for sizing… Big Pike eat big flies.

Spring and Fall are probably the best times to fly fish for Lake and Speckle Trout. Water temperatures are cold enough and Trout can be found near the surface. Trout flies usually depend on what insect hatch is occurring. Dry and Wet flies are both important to have in your fly box. Adams, Royal Coachmans, Scuds, Leeches, Chironomids, Ants, Stonefly numphs, etc. can all entice beautiful trout to bite. Fly sizes can vary from a tiny #22 to larger #1.